Single Crystal Diamond Polishing Cutter


Origin Tianjing, China Shank Diameter 6 (mm)
Brand MSK Blade Change Method The Diamond Is Welded To The Cutter Body As A Whole
Material Single Crystal Diamond (MCD) Scope Of application Acrylic, PVC, PC, ABS Plastic
Full Length 34 (mm) Specification 34*12*6*R10
per kit 1 Processing Effect Processed Acrylic Surface Mirror Transparent


Product Name Single Crystal Diamond Polishing Cutter Brand MSK
Wear-Resistant 3-4 Times Harder Than Tungsten Steel Life Up To 50-100 times
Hardness Around HV6000 Material Diamond
Processing Material Graphite, Ceramics, Tungsten Steel, Acrylic Sheet, Silicon Carbide, Plastic, Copper-Aluminum Alloy



  1. Single crystal diamond fine polishing knife, with fast processing efficiency and long service life.
  2. High cost performance and wide application range. Great value for money and adaptable to a variety of work environments.
  3. Using high-quality materials, low wear, high strength of the cutter body, and the process size is guaranteed to be qualified before leaving the factory.
  4. Precision manufacturing, sharp edge and firm welding. Using a single crystal diamond blade, the surface achieves a high-gloss effect.
  5. Durable and good machining accuracy.



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Post time: 2022-05-17