PCD Turning Tools Diamond Turning Inserts



Product Information
Origin Tianjin Applicable Machine Tools Lathe
Brand MSK Processing Range Aluminum, Copper, Plastic, Resin, Etc.
Material Polycrystalline Diamond Main Sales Areas Europe,South America,Southeast Asia,North America, Middle East
Structure Type Welded Tool Holder Material Tungsten Steel
Whether To Coat Uncoated Tool Holder Size ISO Standard



  1. Adopt advanced equipment such as testing instruments, and strictly follow the incoming inspection, production process, quality control, factory inspection, etc.

The 10S9001-2008 quality management system strictly guarantees the quality of each tool! In high-speed machining, especially high-gloss machining, products processed by natural diamond grains

  1. High smoothness, no burrs on the surface, white lines and dark spots, and long tool life, 20-100 times the life of ordinary tools, or even higher under certain conditions, eliminating the need for frequent tool changes and tool setting. time
  2. High processing efficiency, the speed can reach (5000-100000r/min) is the choice of modern high-efficiency processing, so that you do not need to increase any other input, it can directly increase the daily output by 3-20 times, and greatly reduce the processing cost. And no cutting fluid, environmentally friendly and reliable.



Do not touch the cutter head with your fingers or anything. Although the hardness of diamond is very high, even a slight touch will damage the cutting edge and make the cutter unusable. Because a hard particle or even dust hitting the blade at high speed is enough to damage the blade.

If there is wear during use, it can be detected through a microscope. If it is within the refurbished range, it can be regrind and reused for many times to save costs. If it exceeds the measurable wear range, the tool needs to be replaced.






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