Lathe Bits MCD High Gloss Chamfer Tool



Product Information
Origin Tianjing, China Cutting Edge Form Straight Edge
Brand MSK Material Single Crystal Diamond
Chamfer Angle 30°-180° Type Angle Milling Cutter
Minimum Cutting Diameter At The Center (mm) 0.5 Number Of Slots 1
Contour radius (mm) R0.2-R6 Blade Length 1mm-10mm (mm)
Cutting Diameter (mm) 0.5mm-50mm Blade Diameter 1mm-10mm (mm)
Maximum Depth Of Cut 200mm Shank Diameter 4mm6mm8mm10mm12mm16mm20mm(mm)
Number Of Effective Cutting Edges Around 4F Full Length 50 (mm)
Handle Form Diameter – Step Applicable Machine Tools High-Gloss Machine, CNC, Engraving Machine
Shank Diameter (mm) 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,20, Processing Range 3c Electronic Products, Aluminum, Copper, Acrylic
Useful Length (mm) 1mm-10mm Specifications (Diameter*Full Length) 6D*50L (mm)
Series Chamfering Cutter Maximum Cutting Diameter (mm) 10MM



  1. Diamond chamfering knife, imported diamonds. The cutting edge is sharp, the chip removal is smooth, and the cutting is stable.
  2. Tungsten steel body, high finish and improved hardness.
  3. The technology is upgraded and durable. High wear resistance, no polishing.



  1. Sharp single-edged, diamond high-gloss chamfering knife, smooth cutting.
  2. The handle diameter adopts imported tungsten steel base material, which has higher wear resistance and strength.
  3. High-precision flat bottom with high concentricity, more three-dimensional carving. Sharp, no gravel, no knife marks.
  4. International standard size, rounded outline, accurate and worry-free use.



  1. Do not touch the cutter head with your fingers or any objects. Although the hardness of diamond is very high, even a slight touch will damage the cutting edge and make the cutter unusable. Because a hard particle or even dust hitting the blade at high speed is enough to damage the blade.
  2. If there is wear during use, it can be detected through a microscope. If it is within the grinding range, it can be repeatedly ground and reused to save costs. If it exceeds the measurable wear range, the tool needs to be replaced.



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