MCD Turning Tool Mirrow Finish R Cutter



Product Information
Product Name Single Crystal Diamond Lower Chamfering Inner R Cutter Brand MSK
Handle Material Tungsten Steel Blade Material Customized Pcd, Single Crystal Diamond, Natural Diamond, Cvd
Tool Nose Width 0.1-8.0mm Rotating Speed 5000-100000r/Min
Feed 1500-5000mm/Min Application Equipment: CNC And Other Machining Center Equipment Processing Material Mainly Used For High-Gloss Mirror Finishing Of Various Soft Metals, Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Alloy And Non-Metallic Materials, Acrylic, Pvc, Pc, Plastic And Other Materials



  1. Imported diamonds have excellent properties such as high hardness, high wear resistance, and high finish.
  2. The cutting edge is sharp and wear-resistant, and has a long service life.
  3. Complete specifications, available for selection.
  4. The handle is made of tungsten steel with strong shock resistance.
  5. Wide range of use, applicable to a variety of industries.



Do not touch the cutter head with your fingers or anything. Although the hardness of diamond is very high, even a slight touch will damage the cutting edge and make the cutter unusable. Because a hard particle or even dust hitting the blade at high speed is enough to damage the blade.

If there is wear during use, it can be detected through a microscope. If it is within the refurbished range, it can be regrind and reused for many times to save costs. If it exceeds the measurable wear range, the tool needs to be replaced.



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