MCD Polishing Cutter for Gold Silver



Product Information
Origin Tianjing, China Whether To Coat Uncoated
Brand MSK Unit Weight 0.3kg
Tool material Tungsten steel bar imported from Germany Product Size Shank Diameter: 6.0 Length: 45mm
Shank diameter tolerance h6 Processing material Natural South African Diamonds
Milling Features Both smooth surface and sharp cutting edge Chips can be discharged smoothly, reducing cutting resistance, improving machining efficiency and tool life Product Specifications 45°50°55° 60 90 120°



  1. Sharp single-edged diamond high-gloss chamfering knife is good for cutting.
  2. Powerful cutting, increased tool strength and rigidity, and smooth chip removal.
  3. International standard size, rounded outline, precise and worry-free use.
  4. Using German high-quality fine tungsten steel bar, high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Increase tool life.
  5. Suitable for aluminum chamfering, mobile phone case chamfering, acrylic, aluminum alloy, PVC, etc.
  6. The surface has no burrs, no knife lines, and high-gloss mirror effect.



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Post time: 2022-05-17