Diamond Turning Tools Outer Jewelry R Cutter


Product Information
Origin Tianjing, China Material Tungsten Steel
Brand Msk Type Half Round Key Milling Cutter
Product Name Single Crystal Diamond Side Edge Arc Milling Cutter Handle Material Tungsten Steel
Blade Material Customized Pcd, Single Crystal Diamond, Natural Diamond, Cvd Tool Nose Width 0.1-8.0mm
Tool Specifications R6*H4.0*D6*50L Mirror Accuracy Ra0.05
Application Equipment Cnc And Other Machining Center Equipment Processing Material Mainly Used For High-Gloss Mirror Finishing Of Various Soft Metals, Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Alloy And Non-Metallic Materials, Acrylic, Pvc, Pc, Plastic And Other Materials



  1. Using imported high-quality materials, the finish is high.
  2. Process upgrade, reliable quality, high quality and low price.
  3. Sharp edge, high precision, wear-resistant and durable, high hardness.
  4. Wide range of applications, applicable to various fields.






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Post time: 2022-05-17