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To fashion raw diamonds into beautiful pieces of jewelry or industrial-grade stones fit for cutting other materials, a diamond cutter is an essential tool. This specialized machine is ideal for sculpting diamonds into the desired shapes and sizes for any purpose, be it to create a stunning necklace or an industrious stone.

Skilled hands may have historically been responsible for the art of diamond cutting, but nowadays, it is technology that caters to the precision of the task. An electronic program is used to control every aspect of the procedure, with the operator solely responsible for keying in the required diamond measurements and allowing the machine to craft it exactly as desired.

In the early 19th century, humanity saw the advent of ‘diamond point’ – a manual cutter that could be controlled with only a hammer and chisel. Despite its impressive efficiency, this contraption was eventually swept away by the turn of the century when its modern successor, the rotary cutter, premiered. This device set forth a new era of diamond cutting, briefly shifting control into the hands of machinery utilizing a rotating cutting wheel.

Employing computer-controlled machines, modern diamond cutters use precise precision to create industrial-grade diamonds from those found in their raw state. For diamond mines, these cutters provide the technology that contributes to shaping the glittering emblems of wealth and class.

Diamond cutters have a singular purpose – to shape the facets of valued gems that will eventually be found adorning enchanted jewelry. The most widespread form of this process is the round brilliant cut, an enchanted technique that is particularly favored for sparkling engagement rings.

A round brilliant cut diamond is thought to be the most brilliantly glittering due to its 58 facet construction, which is the maximum that a diamond can have. All the facets are carefully carved at varying angles, resulting in a beautiful shimmer when it catches the light.

Adorned with its 76 jewel-encrusted facets, the princess-style cut is certainly a highly sought-after variant for diamond jewelry. While it maintains its square shape, the corner tips offer a more pointed appearance than a round brilliant cut. In other words, it’s an exquisite design that sparkles with undeniable splendor.

When considering a sparkly engagement ring, many find that the princess cut stands out from the usual round brilliant cut – making it a unique and beloved selection.

Shedding light upon the stunning emerald cut – with its attention to intricate craftsmanship, this rectangular shaped cut sparkles with 56 facets, making it slightly less than the round brilliant and princess cuts. Boasting beveled corners, it is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

Engagement rings fashioned in an emerald cut offer a rare, elegant departure from the traditional round brilliant cut, providing an increasingly popular choice for those seeking a little something special.

Shaped like a tear drop and featuring 58 facets, the pear cut boasts a unique silhouette with its pointed top and rounded lower finish. Matched with the round brilliant in terms of facets, it is a sophisticated choice for gem fanatics.

Engagement rings in the pear cut are gaining in popularity due to their divergent shape from the more classic round brilliant cut.

Carats with a marquise cut feature an oval shape and pointed edges, boasting the same number of facets – 58 – as a round brilliant cut diamond.

Engagement rings with the marquise cut are highly sought-after due to their distinctive and contemporary style – a stylish contrast to the classic round brilliant cut.

Featuring an oval silhouette framed by softly rounded corners, the spectacular oval cut gems flaunt fifty-eight brilliant facets – just as many as those in the radiant round brilliant cut.

A glowing symbol of love, the oval cut diamond is an alluring and unforgettable choice for an engagement ring – setting it apart from the classic, round brilliant cut.

Out of all the diamond cuts out there, the romantic heart cut stands out with its rounded bottom and pointed top, both of which come together to form a timeless, heart-shaped design. With a total of 58 facets, this enchanting cut boasts the same amount as the crowd-favorite round brilliant cut.

With its eye-catching silhouette, the heart cut is a popular selection for engagement rings, setting itself apart from the classic round brilliant cut.

With an 8-sided shape, the asscher cut diamond offers a squared profile exquisitely adorned with 58 sparkling facets, the same number as a round brilliant cut gemstone.

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, the asscher cut stands out as an extraordinary selection due to its uniqueness compared to the tried-and-true round brilliant cut.

With 64 captivating facets – more than the round brilliant, princess or emerald cuts – the cushion cut is a rectangular cut with alluringly rounded corners.

A well-known alternative to the traditional round brilliant cut when it comes to engagement rings is the distinct cushion cut.

Exquisitely crafted, the radiant cut showcases a clean, geometric silhouette. This elegant brilliance radiates with 70 facets, directly surpassing it forebears such as the round brilliant cut, the princess cut, emerald cut and cushion cut. Varying between a rectangular or square outline, its points are lightly blunted for an extra dose of sophistication.

Engagement rings adorned with radiant cuts stand apart from the crowd due to their uncommon shape that deviates from the usual round brilliant cut.

When searching for the perfect engagement ring, many have considered the regal princess cut, the vivid emerald cut, the delightful pear cut, the stately marquise cut, the elegant oval cut, the romantic heart cut, the distinctive asscher cut, and the sumptuous cushion cut – all of which bring something special to the table when compared to a round brilliant cut.

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