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What Is The MCD Tools?

Single crystal cutting tools are the main cutting tools in the field of ultra-precision machining. The general mass of the cutting tools is more than 0.1g, and the minimum diameter is not less than 2mm. It can realize mirror processing, and can process extremely high workpiece accuracy and extremely low surface roughness. , The cutting effect is very bright, and it is a recognized and ideal ultra-precision machining tool. There are two kinds of single crystal knives: natural and artificial. Natural single crystal diamonds are small in quantity and expensive, and are mainly used in high-precision optical fields.

Performance advantages of single crystal tools:

(1) The single crystal diamond tool has extremely high hardness (10000HV), so as to obtain good wear resistance;

(2) The cutting edge of the single crystal diamond tool can be sharpened very sharply, and it is not advisable to stick the tool and generate built-up edge during cutting, and can perform ultra-thin cutting and ultra-precision machining;

(3) The friction coefficient is low, the deformation during processing is small, and the cutting force can be reduced;

(4) The cutting edge is observed without defects under the 800 times Nomarski (Nikon) microscope, the surface roughness can reach Rz0.1~0.05μm when processing non-ferrous metals, and the shape accuracy of the workpiece to be processed is controlled below 50nm;

(5) Using selected single crystal diamond tool particles, the consistency is good, and the service life is 100 times or even hundreds of times that of cemented carbide tools.


Single crystal tool category

Depending on the equipment (CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers, etc.) and cutting processes used in different working conditions, single crystal tools can be welded on different tool bodies as required to make different cutting tools. Common types of single crystal tools There are: natural diamond blade (single crystal blade), single crystal diamond turning tool, single crystal milling cutter, single crystal chamfering cutter, natural diamond high-gloss cutter, single crystal ball milling cutter, etc.

Post time: 2022-05-17